IEM Dryer Pro

PrisNOK3 499,00 inkl. mva.


The IEM Dryer PRO is the ultimate tool for the touring professional monitor engineer. Drying the entire band’s set of in-ear monitors at once is the most efficient way of keeping them moisture free for storage ultimately prolonging their lifespan. In-ear monitors are a powerful but delicate piece of equipment. Performers have active shows resulting in moisture getting into the sound bores and inside the IEM. Being proactive in maintenance decreases downtime and returns to the manufacturer for repair. The IEM Dryer PRO can hold 5-7 pairs of IEM’s with the cables attached. When using a 2 amp power bank charger you can take it on the go when you need to take off right after the show to the next fly date. A USB timer is included to set a limit to the drying time. The Dryer also doubles as a protective case so no need to worry about snagging a cord as teardown can be hectic after a show.